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Sacred Music Journeys

ISBN: 9991526811
SRP:  US$ 15.98


"Transports the listener to a joyful and sacred place. A unique CD."
(YOGA magazine)

(2 CD set)

Daily Meditations & 
Goddess Mantra Chants

ISBN: 9991508430
SRP:  US$ 19.98 (2 CD set)

"Melt into an ocean of Peace", "Helped bring peace and harmony into my life."  
Recommended by 
New Age Retailer and SageWoman magazines


Goddess & Child
(Meditations for the Inner Child)


ISBN: 9991383670
SRP:  US$ 15.98


Recommended by therapists, healers and doctors!


Goddess Relaxation & Meditations


ISBN: 9991348409
SRP:  US$ 15.98


A "must have" classic!

13th Year Anniversary!


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Buy the complete set of Mary Marzo's acclaimed Goddess Healing CDs in one box set:

Recommended by New Age Retailer & SageWoman magazines

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M A N I F E S T I N G  - Sacred Music Journeys   (by Murray Geddes)


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To Remove Barriers, Attract Abundance 
& Invoke Protection

A tapestry of three beautiful music meditations 
filled with chanting, callings, invocations, awakenings, adorations, celebrations to focus intentions and strengthen manifestations. 

 Music by Murray Geddes
Vocals by Murray Geddes & Mary Marzo
Various orchestrations

File as: Meditation / World Music / New Age

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"The meditations and chants are combined with some beautiful music that transports the listener to a joyful and sacred place. A unique CD." YOGA Magazine

"Flows like still waters, gentle yet inspiring. ....takes you on a Sacred Journey."  (The Magik Thread )

Track 1
(16‘ 30)

Ganesha (Removing Barriers )

This meditation calls upon Ganesha, the elephant deity that helps us remove barriers from our path (both inside and out). The seed mantra (‘Gum’) as well as the full mantra (‘Om Gum Ganapatai Namaha’) is sung within the Hundusani raga as we journey from an awakening to an invocation to a celebration  and to a  ‘letting go’. 

Track 2
 (20 minutes)

Lakshmi (Attracting Abundance)

Calling upon the exquisite charms of Lakshmi, this musical voyage attracts her gift of abundance with the mantra (Om Shrim Klim Lakshmiyei 'Namaha' (and) 'Swaha') and carries us along a path of discovery, play and growth, to honour all the beautiful blessings that come into manifestation to enrich and enhance our lives.

Track 3
(16’ 30)

Durga (Invoking Protection)

Starting with her divine instrument of the sea conch, a chorus of allies and guardians are called forth to create a rich and powerful tapestry of sounds and textures  to invoke the spirit of Durga, the Universal Mother of Protection. One of the primary themes of this piece is the divine chant of ‘Durga Jai Jai Ma’. 



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GODDESS BLESSINGS (Daily Meditations + Goddess Mantra Chants) 2 CD set   (by Mary Marzo)


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Daily Meditations + Goddess Mantra Chants
(2 CD Set)  

On these CDs, you will learn ancient and new ways
to connect to the divine feminine on a daily basis and manifest desired changes in your life through guided meditations, yoga breath work, chakra healing
and Sanskrit mantra chants. 


Chanting enhances inner power, energizes the body and stills the mind. These sacred chants invoke
the Goddesses of protection, abundance, creativity,
communication and the Universal 
Divine Feminine. 

(Music by Murray Geddes)

* * * * *  Recommended * * * * *

by New Age Retailer and SageWoman magazine


"I absolutely love Goddess Blessings. Integrating Marzo's mantra and meditations into my daily spiritual practice has helped bring peace and harmony into my life." (SageWoman, Aug 2006) 

"Exquisite! On a level from 1 to 10, it's a 12!"  
(Eye for the Future magazine)

"Heavenly. Simply close your eyes and listen to Mary chant and your whole being will melt into an ocean of peace." (Vitality magazine )

"Excellent.....Recommend this CD" (New Age Retailer, Autumn 2006)

"These CDs are soul candy." (L. Deshima)

CD 1 - Daily Meditations

Inner Teacher Meditation
Chakra & Golden Light Meditation

     Bonus Tracks:
The Charge of the Goddess
HER Amazing Grace
CD 2 - Goddess Mantra Chants

Four Sanskrit Goddess chants be
autifully arranged to meditate to, chant along with or play in the background to clear your space. 

Durga (Goddess of Protection)
(Goddess of Abundance)
(Goddess of Creativity)
Sri Yantra
(Universal Divine Feminine)

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GODDESS & CHILD  (by Mary Marzo)


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Critically Acclaimed

Recommended by 

therapists, counselors, healers and doctors.

Goddess & Child offers 2 guided meditations that teach self-compassion, self-mothering and self-love:

(1) Coming Home - Creating a Safe Place,

(2) Healing the Inner Child,

plus the highly praised "MA" chant.


(Music and arrangements by Murray Geddes)


I recommend it to my clients with great confidence." ~ Shirley Russ. (psychotherapist)

"It is amazingly beautiful!” ~ Dr. Debbie Honickman  

"In this CD, you are teaching people to self-love and love different parts of themselves. A wonderful CD. I recommend it to my clients."  ~ Madeline Brynes (psychotherapist)

" The MA chant has got to be one of the most soothing and connecting meditative tracks on planet Earth." (SageWoman magazine)

  "Goddess & Child is a CD that should be listened to many times …we become grounded in our compassionate nurturing, and liberated with the freedom and joy that comes with releasing our child-like curiosity and innocence…leaving us with memories that will not be forgotten again. I love the new CD." (OmegaSource magazine)

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Track 1

Healing the Inner Child (31 minutes) is a nurturing guided meditation that connects you to your inner child as you feel the loving embrace of the Goddess all around you. 


Track 2

MA Chant (13 minutes) is a unique sounding meditation that evokes the image of 13 female voices chanting ‘MA” in a Goddess temple 5-6000 years ago. 


Track 3

Coming Home - Creating a Safe Place (23 minutes) is a magical guided meditation that takes you by a river into the healing lap of Mother Earth where you create a sacred healing circle to connect to the profundity and wisdom that lies right at the core of your inner child.



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Goddess Relaxation & Meditations has reached several best seller lists and has touched many worldwide!


Features two guided meditations 
(Inner Sanctuary Meditation and Grounding Meditation) 
plus one deep full body Relaxation.

A "must have" classic! 

Celebrating 13 year Anniversary !


(Music by Murray Geddes)


"One of the best relaxation and meditation CDs of its kind on the market " (Gifts from the Earth)

"Mary Marzo's mild and soothing voice is the first thing that will catch your attention in this outstanding CD, guaranteed to take you to a place called nirvana......Amidst the bustle of our fast-paced environment, Marzo provides another way to access this state of deep mental and physical relaxation, to taste nirvana. And, for me, that's nothing short of miraculous."  (Aquarian Magazine)

"Marzo's voice is extraordinarily soothing, her timing perfect"  (New Age Retailer)

"Marzo's voice is deep and rich, her cadences soothing, and her directions make it easy to relax and enter a deep state of healing relaxation. Marzo takes care to create a safe place in which to relax, protected. I will listen to these meditations frequently." 
(SageWoman Magazine)

($US 15.98)

Track 1

A 30-minute deep full  Relaxation that encompasses the entire body. Mary’s voice immediately puts us at ease and helps us scan for areas in the body holding tension. She then guides us through letting go of the "tight spots" in a gentle, non-judgmental way, thereby releasing the tension until we are fully and deeply relaxed. The emphasis is self-empowerment and self-healing.


Track 2

A 18-minute Grounding Meditation with Mother Earth. Here, Mary focuses on deepening our connection to our bodies and the Mother. Making a complete circle of healing by sending the energy to the earth in gratitude as a giveaway and receiving it back in our bodies to renew and regenerate. She then helps us find a personal symbol that we can keep, meditate with and use during the day for reconnecting and re-grounding when the need arises.


Track 3

A 15-minute Inner Sanctuary Meditation. This is a very personal meditation that helps us create a deep sacred healing place within. Mary guides us to our own private inner sanctuary – a sacred place to get answers to our questions, connect with our "Wise Woman" or simply rest and heal.



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